Friday, October 30, 2015

Hurricane damages sugarcane

More than 5 thousand hectares of sugar cane in Casimiro damaged by Patricia

Carmen Aggi Cabrera

30 / October / 2015 Casimiro Castillo, Jalisco. (LF) 

In its passage by the municipality of Casimiro Castillo, Patricia left Hurricane damage to homes, roads and field. Crops most affected by the hurricane were the sugarcane losses recorded in about 5000 hectares and vegetables with damage to more than 200, they said in an interview, Mayor Nicholas Enrigue Crown:

"We evaluated 5457 hectares that were more or less affected"

With respect to housing 137 houses there with some degree of damage. The most affected areas were El Zapotillo, Tecomates, El Poblado and Lo Arado.

So far, communications has been restored to 100 percent, while still removing trees and branches on the roads:

"It is restored by land communities in all locations, the internet and telephone signal and signal are more consistent because we had many cuts, power was restored and almost one hundred percent and still have failures in the supply of drinking water in some locations because the rains continue even though there is no direct effects of Patricia, it is still raining and that continues to cause us problems in the water intakes. "

The mayor is confident that in the coming hours, 100 percent would restore the drinking water, as soon as Conagua supplies to homes through pipes. 

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