Friday, July 12, 2013

Conagua unfinished works on the Marabasco

Conagua works could cause the river Marabasco to overflow

Marabasco, Manzanillo, Colima, June 8.

The National Water Commission (Conagua) left unfinished works of dredging and construction of containment walls of the Marabasco river on the border between Jalisco and Colima. That leaving a potential overflow condition. Also an unannounced section was narrowed by more than 80 meters of the channel walls causing a bottleneck.

The Natural Disaster Fund (Fonden)(Hurricane Jova related) allocated the amount of 265 million pesos for an estimated duration of six months work. However, the machinery stopped operating a little over three weeks ago.

On a tour of the area, we can see that in a stretch of river work was not announced, which adds to the unjustified reduction of the channel width.  While the start of the work respected its 125 meter wide channel, four miles downstream it is reduced to 20 meters with curved sand walls.

"This risk is a result of the lack of state coordination of a single unit, which is Conagua. This is a clear case of how a government work endangers the inhabitants of the area, it's ridiculous what they did, with the 125 meters wide runway reduced to 20 meters, such stupid things are not necessary and not the first", said Alfredo Cuarón, incharge of the area.

Protesters have delivered a letter to the governor of Colima, Mario Anguiano Moreno, to make arrangements with the Conagua to finish the work and redo the work of the curve of the river, to better protect the land on Colima and Jalisco sides.

So far they have received no response to the letter that was delivered just over a week ago.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Hurricane warning for the Costalegre

As hurricane Erick approaches there is a hurricane warning for all of the Costalegre. Very possible high winds and rain estimates from 3-5 inches with up to 8 inches possible in places.

The intensity forecast remains a challenge since Erick is not that far offshore of Mexico. The hurricane could intensify a little more today while it remains over warm waters without much shear. The environment will gradually become less conducive tomorrow due to Erick moving across cooler waters and possibly interacting with land. A more rapid weakening should commence after the weekend with much colder waters in the path of Erick along with drier more stable air. The NHC forecast continues the trend of the previous one...and is close to the intensity consensus.

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The Costalegre

I have long thought that Costalegre was an agreed upon catch word for the Costa Alegre. Now I'm finding there is another long time standard, Coastecomates. This is about that area as well.

The stretch of coastline located between Costa Majahuas and Cihuatlán is the Costalegre or “happy coast.” Others describe the Costalegre as the area between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo. Either way it is still "the happy coast". Pacific Coast of Mexico

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