Friday, March 02, 2007

Behind Cihuatlan Jalisco and the Marabasco river

I've been up these roads, to the dam and even miles beyond where the road ends in the head of a valley. Each time the trip is different depending on the season (how green or brown) or condition of the dam. In the dry season they add about 10 feet of earth behind the cement dam to help divert more water to the irrigation canals on either side of the river. The south side of the river is Colima and to the north is Jalisco - both with lots of farming on the river delta.

There is a little town of Marabasco just south of the bridge with a No-Tell motel along the way. Turn left just before you reach town and you can follow the irrigation canals up to the dam. The area is popular for fishing and cooling off during family outings. Some kids told us about a well on the Colima side that they say dates back to the times when the indigenous peoples lived there - it's possible!

Banana Plantation
Marabasco River
Marabasco River


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The Costalegre

I have long thought that Costalegre was an agreed upon catch word for the Costa Alegre. Now I'm finding there is another long time standard, Coastecomates. This is about that area as well.

The stretch of coastline located between Costa Majahuas and Cihuatlán is the Costalegre or “happy coast.” Others describe the Costalegre as the area between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo. Either way it is still "the happy coast". Pacific Coast of Mexico

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