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Ecotourism for Villa Purificacion

There arrives an excellent option for ecotourism

Drafting of the South
Monday February 4, 2008

Villar PURIFICACION, Jalisco (BI) .- With an investment of one million 737 thousand pesos, funded by the National Commission for Development of Indigenous Peoples for the infrastructure of 10 huts, two canteens, a suspension bridge, walkways and signs indicating where services will be offered accommodation, meals, boat ride, guided tours and horseback riding. The State Governor, Emilio Gonzalez Marquez, opened this area near the dam Jocotlán, municipal delegation Purification Villa, a new ecotourism project, which will certainly attract thousands to this point and will generate significant income and make a large regional impact.

"We come here to verify what was done, we believe it is possible to improve the area, without assaulting culture, without assaulting the environment, without assaulting the customs of the people, but to help their own people to be the beneficiary of what can be done here, "said state Representative, in the presence of at least 20 people in indigenous communities of Villa Purification and personalities of the three levels of government and the three branches of government.

In addition, they announced that the most important thing now is involving the Government in conjunction with them in promoting the visit of people who want to have different experiences, unmatched, to live with the culture of the natives, as well as of landscapes and diverse activities to develop the place.

He took advantage to tell that the State Government is working on projects for such areas and communities, ranging from training for aquaculture, construction of a wharf at the dam, in addition to roads, education and more infrastructure: "In all this we will be working in the coming times, always with a view to better conditions for you and for their families," he concluded.

For its part, also presiding over the inauguration, the Director General of the National Commission for Development of Indigenous Peoples, Mr Luis Hector Alvarez, welcomed the implementation of this project ecotourism, given that native peoples have historically had the brunt historic growth of our country.

Villa Purification is located in the southwest of Jalisco, near the coast, the indigenous community occupies 36 thousand hectares recognized and 20 thousand hectares more are in the process of restitution. Jocotlán lies within the area surrounded by jungle forest streams.

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