Saturday, August 27, 2016

International Beach Fiesta

International Beach Fiesta in Boca de Iguanas. They advertise this as every Semester and that means twice a year in Mexico. No idea how it makes any money for the community because it's isolated. Not directed at locals and cost money for an entry ticket.

International Beach Festival site

Friday, February 12, 2016

First Coffee Fiesta in Cuzalapa 2016

Primer festival del café Cuzalapa 2016
Color de la Tierra. Cuzalapa.

By: Rafael Luna  

14 / Jan / 2016 Cuautitlan, Jalisco. (LF) The  20 and 21 February is when Cuzalapa indigenous community in the municipality of Cuautitlan, will have it's First Coffee Festival. Coordinator, Zuleima Hernández Rodríguez said the main objective is to show the work of the organization "Color de la Tierra", comprised of mainly indigenous women since 2001 when it was organized to process and market the coffee. This association is directly involved in supporting and planning the event.

He added that at the regional level is still much unknown potential of the collective and its products, which are purchased mainly by foreigners, while the local population seems to be little interested in buying them, which is why it is intended to disseminate it to increase its marketing.

Hernández Rodríguez said they are only missing some details but said that the program is expected to be cultural with Nahuatl activities. There will be guided tours by the coffee zones and other areas where hiking is interesting.

Also included in the First Coffee Festival in Cuzalapa, an exhibition sale of gastronomic and craft products made by the same organization sustainably exploiting natural resources. Added to this will be the participation of local merchants selling products typical of the area.

Lectures and demonstrations of coffee processing in its various derivatives will also be provided, as well as an artistic event with local talents among other activities that will be announced shortly with the publication of the official program.

Currently the organization " The Color of the Earth"  not only produces coffee, among its products are raw from Manantlán, derived from corn, cactus, the scores of Mojote food,  Chaya and different fruits is, besides clothes to wear among other products.

This organization keeps the purpose for which it emerged that is to address the socio-economic crisis and improve environmental situations, working in the preservation of biodiversity.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

A flight over Tenacatita Bay

David Dagoli from La Manzailla got a ride in a two-seater plane and flew around the bay, down to the Colima volcano and back through Manzanillo. This photo is of the southern part of the Bay with La Vena beach and Los Angeles Locos below and La Manzanilla at the far end.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Development of Louis Vuitton in Tomatlan

Development of Louis Vuitton in Tomatlan, ready in 2017

Denisse Covarrubias UN1ÓN   03/01/2015

A complex of three hotels, a golf course and marina, the integrated tourism development that currently being built by Louis Vuitton on the beaches of Tomatlan, Jalisco, and will be completed in 2017.

The construction of the development of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, the luxury Cheval Blanc, was the first to start operations in January in the area of Costalegre, and in the end of it, will do the Four Seasons and One & Only the Rasaland group, in the first and second half of the year, as revealed by the head of the State Tourism Secretariat, Enrique Ramos Flores.

In its first stage, will be $ 150 million which the brand Louis Vuitton invest in the project Tomatlan, that amount to be added corresponding to the other two tourist developments not yet been revealed.

Along with these works of private initiative, the road from Puerto Vallarta to Manzanillo is being expanded, in addition to the Government of Jalisco and is in negotiations with its federal namesake for enabling and equipping of the airstrip Chalacatepec.

Development of Louis Vuitton in Tomatlan

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Free trips to the Costalegre to promote tourism

22 / Dec / 2015 Costalegre, Jalisco. (LF)  The Tourism Ministry will implement the program Free Tours, an initiative that seeks to bring the tourist destinations outside the metropolitan area of Guadalajara Jalisco who wish to know the state. Therefore, from this Friday until December 29, 14 routes to 10 different destinations in the State will be made. Among the destinations is the Costalegre.

The Ministry of Tourism regarded as tourist destinations, areas  Costalegre , Ciudad Guzman, Talpa de Allende, among other things. In addition, it is anticipated that this program an economic impact in the places visited is generated and thus to support the tourism service providers and community visited.

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The Costalegre

I have long thought that Costalegre was an agreed upon catch word for the Costa Alegre. Now I'm finding there is another long time standard, Coastecomates. This is about that area as well.

The stretch of coastline located between Costa Majahuas and Cihuatlán is the Costalegre or “happy coast.” Others describe the Costalegre as the area between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo. Either way it is still "the happy coast". Pacific Coast of Mexico

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